Jews are a storytelling people. From the Hebrew Bible and rabbinic midrash to the Yiddish tales of the modern era, stories are how Jews make sense of God’s plans, the twists and turns of history, and the complexities of human nature.

$25 | SEASON 1 | 10 EPISODES

Tikvah invites you to join Havard professor Ruth Wisse for a 10-Part exploration of the classic stories of the modern Jewish literary canon.

Professor Wisse has been teaching the classics of Jewish literature for decades, and in this new podcast, “The Stories Jews Tell,” she brings a lifetime of learning to illuminate the greatest Jewish tales of the modern era. We’ll read Hasidic masters and poets, satirists and surrealists, Zionists and heretics. In this podcast, you will receive a master class on the very best works of Jewish fiction and come to see what we still have to learn from the stories Jews tell.

Meet Professor Ruth Wisse—Your Guide Through the Classics of Jewish Literature

  • Pioneer of the field of Jewish studies in North America
  • Prolific writer and essayist, with regular bylines in Mosaic, the Wall Street Journal, Commentary, and the Jewish Review of Books where she is a regular columnist
  • Author of numerous books and editor of multiple anthologies on Jewish literature, culture, and politics

When you subscribe to The Stories Jews Tell Podcast, you will receive:

  • A new 25 minute episode every week
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  • Access to all past podcasts, so you can move through the stories at your own pace

The Stories Jews Tell does not assume any prior knowledge of the works Professor Wisse will be teaching.

Every episode will summarize each story and will be accessible no matter your prior knowledge of the text.

Of course, we hope this podcast will inspire you to read these stories on your own! And we will provide copies of the stories in our weekly emails and the show notes whenever possible.

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Season 1 of The Stories Jews Tell is generously sponsored by Robert L. Friedman.